Wayne Carini

The first time I looked at the ShowCase in person I was hooked. Like its name, it showcases your car while protecting it from dirt, dust and dampness, by circulating fresh filtered air around the car. Visually having your car displayed in a ShowCase is like framing a picture. It completes the car.


Showcase owner John F. from Adelaide

If you want the ultimate, then from my research, I would have to say, the Showcase would have to be The Ultimate. I have 6 Showcases for the six prestige cars I have on my property in the country. My son is a mechanic and badgered me to get covers that don’t touch the paintwork and aren’t noisy. Where I live there are a lot of blackouts, and the Showcases stay up on their own, for up to 2 days if we have a blackout. The Showcase is perfect protection for dust and rodents and in particular, nothing touching the paintwork. You’re still able to walk in, touch your cars, walk around them, show off your cars to everyone. All without letting the Showcase down, you just zip the flap back up again and it’s just the way you left it.

Car Capsule customer Rysaro

I was tired of the temperature swings creating condensation on the car that soaked it several times a year, especially under the hood, when the car sat in the garage. The concrete floor also caused more rust on the underbody, and white deposits on my carbs. I was also tired of having to check for mice all winter – they can be very destructive when they get hungry! My Car Capsule solved all that.

Car Capsule Dale B.

My Outdoor Bike ShowCase was easy and fast to set up, and it’s an excellent alternative if you don’t have a garage. Thanks again!

Han asked us to build a ShowCase

Han asked us to build a ShowCase to store his BMW M3 outdoors. So, we made him a custom ShowCase using our materials specified for outdoor use. He said  “The showcase has been great. It has kept the rodents out of my car, which is the most important thing about trying to protect a car in the city. It’s held up well with the weather. It’s also held up well against a few really big rain storms. I’ve been really happy with it. Even though the roof is not pitched, the internal pressure creates a bit of a dome, which keeps the rain from pooling. As far as the rest, the build quality has seemed pretty good. The Velcro is still sticking well and the zippers haven’t popped out.”

Car Capsule customer T. Sully

Jaguar XKE owner tells us he uses his ShowCase as an extra garage. “Rain or sunshine, my XKE and other exotics and antiques are protected” he states.

Car Capsule owner Al

I use my CarCapsule to preserve my CJ428, Ram Air, 4 speed Cougar Eliminator. When I take the Cougar out of the CarCapsule it adds a whole new meaning to “letting the cat out of the bag”. It always comes out fresh and well preserved.

Ford Custom 500 owner Jay

 “I don’t make a lot of money. So, when I got enough money to restore my police car I wanted to protect my investment. When I set money aside to budget my restoration I budgeted the cost of the CarCapsule in my restoration, so I could keep it protected. My biggest worry about the CarCapsule was if my car would fit in it with the lights on it. After measuring my car and talking with the representative . My car fits in the Capsule like a glove and there is a lot of room above the lights.”

B. Chaseman says:

I store my 1970 Mustang Boss 302 in a CarCapsule for 5 long months of winter storage. It is so nice to be able to have access to the car & to be able to look at it while it is put away. The showcase has exceeded my expectations. The quality is exceptional and I could not be more pleased. Overall, I’ve had a 5-Star experience with CarCapsule!

Car Capsule owners Rick and Bonney Godfrey

Hi Phil.. My husband and I talked to you at the Detroit Car show… Sending pictures of the CarCapsule we bought in 1999. We have used all but two years. As you can see it is still working.. It has the green bottom.. My Brother in law bought the capsule that has the black floor, and they are still using their’s as well… Very pleased with the CarCapsule.. would recommend to anyone.. although The new Capsule looks pretty awesome.. Again it was a pleasure talking with you at the show… Rick and Bonnie Godfrey

Bob Batz talks about Car Capsule

When the Capsule arrived I was very pleased with its initial quality and how easy it was to set-up. Now that I’ve been using it for several months, I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. All of benefits I considered before purchasing the capsule have proven to be true. In my opinion, this is the only solution for your beloved automobile. When you consider its priced similar to most popular conventional car covers, it’s a no brainer decision to go with the Car Capsule. I plan to get a few more for the rest of my collection.

Happy Car Capsule customer Lisa

“I detailed my vehicle before storing it for the winter in my CarCapsule. Four months after putting it in storage there is not a speck of dust anywhere on the car. Let me repeat that: Four months later, located in a dusty working garage, and there is zero dust on the car. It’s pretty impressive when you think about it. There are no spider webs. There are no random smells, no unwanted rodent tenants, no accidental dings, and no hassles. And when I pull this thing out of the garage in May for summer cruising, I’ll have no detailing work ahead of me. The car will just be ready to go. This product allows me to keep my vehicle looking awesome and because of the ease of use, we end up driving it more often.”

Ms Fleishman's Car Capsule

Just wanted to give you an update on my Car Capsule Showcase that I purchased 2 years ago. As you can see from the attached photos, my Showcase is located in a working garage. It’s a very dusty location and sees a fair amount of traffic coming and going. I never have a second of concern for our low mileage original 1967 Caprice to be stored in that garage. The Showcase keeps the vehicle dust, ding, and rodent free. I store the Caprice in the Showcase 365 days a year. In that time, I’ve come to really appreciate a few things about the Showcase.

Bill Upgraded from Car Capsule to ShowCase

Bill first got a CarCapsule for his Corvette in 2007. Then he recently upgraded to a ShowCase. Bill thinks the ShowCase is awesome, and says the ease of entry and exit is great!

Donn Schubert Car Capsule

A couple of pictures are just before I started to inflate the capsule. We traded our Corvette for a 2006 Mustang Shelby Tribute Convertible this past spring. When storing the Corvette I used another product for the last 9 years. Preparation for this type of storage took hours to cook the desiccant to get rid of the moisture. Then the placing of the car exactly in the bag without having the floor moving was a challenge. Plus if you were off a little you could not zip it up. This was getting frustrating to me. There had to be something better. I did some research by talkIng to guys at car shows and the internet. That’s when I learned about your product. I found someone locally that had a slightly used Car Capsule so I bought it.

Vintage race car owner Andy Gilbert

Here are photos of two of the four carcapsules I have. I like them because all the dirt and dust you see on the outside of them stays on the outside. You only need to clean the car once and it stays clean indefinitely.