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Desiccator Glass

High Quality   Vacuum Desiccators With Stopcock Supplied. Extra: Choice of Metal or Porcelain Perforated Support Plate  Size Determined  By  Inner Size  Of  from Flange. Lids, Plates and stopcocks can be purchased separately

Desiccator Plastic

Plastic Vacuum Dome Type Supplied With O Ring Seal, Stopcock & Support Plate Three Sizes Available, Made of  Polypropylene.

Meker Burner LQ1268

a 30 mm. dia. drilled flame retention head, for stable temperature, air regulator and stopcock 170 mm high.

Desiccator Box

Air Tight With Drop Down Door That Slides Under the Unit Stackable Made From Crystal Clear Acrylic. Extras Purging & Venting Taps Can Be Fitted @ Extra Charge. Size: 21x18x13cm.

Tripod Round Top

The 110mm. OD. cast iron top is heat resistant silver painted. Supplied with three zinc plated legs. Available in 150,205,250 mm. (or other) high legs.

Standard Bunsen Burner LQ1220

11mm. OD. 135mm high, with rotatable air regulator and gas inlet tube.